Friday, April 28, 2017

Some post race reflections on the AZTR 300

So, I'm sitting here about two and a half weeks after a most wrapping up a most amazing and difficult adventure. I haven't ridden my mountain bike once (due to some maintenance/repairs that are taking longer than needed) and I've only commuted a couple of times since then. Partly due to some knee pain that mercifully didn't manifest until after the race, and the other being that it has just been downright windy around these parts for the past few weeks. I don't have much patience right now for thirty miles home into a headwind, thank you very much.

Being off the bike is probably a good thing in a way. I love riding, but probably needed to take a step back after all the riding I did to prepare for the AZTR. My family is important to me, and they made a big sacrifice while I spent a lot of time on the bike. I hope to make some of that up to them - but I also hope that they see what I did and apply it to whatever the want to tackle in the future.

Anyways, just a bullet point list here of things that have stuck with me or I thought were interesting.

  • I'm just now feeling like I don't need naps at random times of day. Granted my sleep schedule has left some to be desired... but still...
  • The post race weight gain (water retention) was cray cray
  • Such an amazing race!
  • Every day brought a low point of some sort. Not necessarily always "I want to quit" - more like "what the hell am I doing out here - and I have to do it again tomorrow"
  • Never thought I would be so comfortable sleeping without a tent/bivy. 
  • The worst times comfort-wise were the first 10-15 minutes of being on the saddle after being off for a bit. Once that time passed, it was all good again.
  • There are so many ways to improve on my time
  • Why am I thinking about improving my time? Side note: Improving time adds additional challenges beyond just moving faster. 
    • Sometimes tougher resupplies
    • Being on Lemmon at night (cold, harder re-supply)
    • I like to sleep haha! Could have pushed this envelope pretty easily though. 
      • But what are consequences... haven't experienced this yet
    • I would consider the pace I had to be "fast touring"
  • That said, I regret not interacting with other riders more when stopped. Introvert problems!
  • If you would have asked me 15 minutes post race if I would ever do this again, I would have said no - HELL NO. 1 day after, it was a "meh" ... 2 days, "maybe" ... I think you see where this is going.
  • Jeff Z had to go and do the freaking 750. Following in Schilling's footsteps. These guys are stronger riders than me - and with much more experience. Still... the wheels are turning. Family time is the big constraint here... Oh and fear of the ditch...

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  1. "Never thought I would be so comfortable sleeping without a tent/bivy. "
    I'm in the same boat. At the end of my days on the trail, I got into a rhythm where I would sleep on my hydration pack in the heat of the day and if I feel into total exhaustion at night. It got to a point where setting up camp was burning time and energy I didn't care to spend.