Thursday, May 16, 2013

Warm weather commuting lesson

Commuted yesterday for the first time in a couple of weeks due to illness and other commitments. This is the first real warm weather commute that I have done and I learned a thing or two - I just wasn't feeling right on the way home. Almost bonk-ish. Needed some carbs for sure prior to my afternoon portion.

First, there is a huge difference between riding in when it is close to 80 degrees at 5AM and 60 degrees. The extra temp means you go through more of your body's resources.

Second, I need to eat something before I leave the office on the way home, and I need to have some food with me. I felt like my blood sugar was low for pretty much the whole ride home. Oh, and the headwind was stiff so it was not very fun. I kept my eyes peeled for an outdoor vending machine so I could buy a soda, but it never happened. I ended up trying to keep the intensity dialed down; I made it home so I guess I accomplished that. I guess sometimes it is good to have to push myself through discomfort like that; it is good practice for when it will inevitably happen out in the mountains.

Post sickness ride

I haven't been riding as much this May as I wanted to. First I ended up subbing for a bass player in a musical that had my schedule packed Wed - Saturday. I woke up Sunday feeling terrible, but went riding anyway. I took it pretty easy and did some exploring to check out some new but incomplete trail that has been being constructed:

I really shouldn't have rode, but I did anyway. Got home and it really started to hit me and my body kinda shut down. I ended up sleeping most of that Sunday. The rest of the week was basically a self-imposed no-ride week. I wanted to get healthy as fast as possible, so lots of rest and probably a few too many calories. By time Friday came around, I figured I was going to be good to head out on Saturday, so I did. I wasn't really planning on this big of a ride, but at my turnaround point, I ran into someone I knew and one thing lead to another and I ended up riding with him up to a summit which at that point I was committed to doing the full enchilada: