Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tire review - Maxxis Mud Wrestler

These came on my Giant TCX SLR2 and I'm just about done with them. I've gotten about 750 miles out of them, but they just aren't suited for what I'm using them for; a commute with a bit of dirt but primarily rough pavement and a fairly decent amount of road debris including glass.

Now I can't really speak to how they roll, as I would be comparing them to big (by comparison) mountain bike tires. So this review is strictly based on tire life and ability to do the job.

I've had three flats, one was a pinch (my fault) and then two on the same commute yesterday. The second was my fault because I apparently didn't do a good enough job of checking the tire for additional pointy tube killers when pulling out the shard of glass that I though caused my flat. Well it did cause it... in addition to the other large thorn that had penetrated the tire.

So I guess it doesn't provide much in the way of puncture protection. The knobs had also wore off for the most part in the center part of the tire (especially the rear). I know it's more of a dirt tire than a pavement tire so I get it.

Next up will be some Panaracer T-Serv Protex which I think will fit my needs a bit better.

I'll continue to run slime tubes also and as always, I have two spare tubes plus a patch kit on board when I commute. That fact saved me the having to make a "call of shame" to my wife yesterday.

P.S. If people in Phoenix can stop breaking bottles and crap all over the road, that would be great.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Of commutes in 113 degrees

Last Friday I continued my routine of my Tuesday/Friday commutes via bike to work. Nothing extraordinary about it, except for the high temp forecast for the day of 113...

A few of my strava friends commented about being careful and questioning my judgement. I told them not to worry. I have ridden the mountain bike in temps of 110 before. You just have to be smart about it. Utilize the shade at every opportunity. Pre-hydrate. Electrolytes.

Being on the road bike is a bit different than MTB just because it is more steady state pedaling. Less coasting opportunities especially here in Phoenix. The only thing I did a bit differently to help ensure my pace wasn't too high was to make sure I was only breathing in and out through my nose. If I had to open my mouth, I was going too hard.

I ended up making it home with no issues. I probably went a bit too easy to be honest, but no reason to be stupid either. The heat is no joke and will catch up to you quickly if you let it.